5 Churches Brewery


Address 193 Arch St, New Britain, CT 06051



We went on a Friday night around 7pm

Food: They make small individual pizzas and have other snacky foods like pretzels. The pizzas are thin crust and individual sized (about the size of a dinner plate) and cost per topping. I got sausage and onion and my husband got sausage and pepperoni. I’m not a huge pizza fan, but it was tasty. You order it up where you order your beer and they give you a table marker. (if you can get a table) When the pizza is done, someone wanders around till they find your marker and deliver the goods. No outside food is allowed. The brewery is located on the second floor and there is someone at the first floor entrance making sure that you don’t bring in outside food.


They  have a happy hour on Thurs from 4-6 advertized, but we didn’t go then, so I don’t know how good it is.

There are lots of bar stools, chairs, communal tables, small tables, etc. However, it was JAM PACKED! We could not find an empty table anywhere. We ended up asking two guys at a largish table if we could use the half they weren’t using and they kindly obliged. Many people stood by the window and used the window ledge to balance their food and drinks so they could eat. If you like that sort of JAM PACKED atmosphere this will be your jam. Me, I’m more of a… I like it busy, but I’m able to physically find a place to sit and a surface to rest my drink on. It was a bit too crowded for me.

The building is beautiful. Red brick walls, high industrial ceilings with exposed ductwork. Wooden tables, and wooden ceiling round out the building.

Service: There is no beer table service. You order your beer at the very crowded bar area. They have several machines at various places at the bar, but people are also sitting at the bar, so it is difficult to get there. At the far left of the bar there is a non-seating area which is the best for ordering, but there is often a line. Pizza is delivered to table, but there is no waitstaff service and you are expected to clean up after yourself. There are people who wander throughout the crowds picking up empties as they go.


The Did We Just Become Best Friends? Porter

I kinda wish now I had done a sampling, but I didn’t. I got a pour of the “Did We Just Become Best Friends” Porter. Upon starting to drink it, I was disappointed because I realized I hadn’t seen There’s S’more Where that Came From American Imperial Stout. The Porter was good, I wouldn’t say we were best friends, but we got along fine. So I finished the porter and then had my husband brave the crowds at the bar to get me a stout.  I am a sucker for witty names. It’s corny, but I love when beers have fun and funky names. I remember them, I’m intrigued by them. It sometimes is a selling point. Anyone can name their beer. (name of brewery) Imperial Stout. I am drawn to creative people. Creative people name their beers fun things.

The Draft List at 5 Churches the night we went.

Weerder w/Pineapple Amburlance (Lager) Knights of the Pale Ale
Pew Pew (snerk snerk I love double meanings)
Steeple People (You are killing me! Bring on the dad joke names!)
Someday They Will Be Keeping the Name Short (IPA)
Cut Your Own (IPA)
Did We Just Become Best Friends (porter)
No Diggity, No Stout
There’s S’more Where That Came From

The Porter was good. I liked it fine. Like I said above, we weren’t best friends, but more pleasant acquaintances that if we met again at a party we could have a nice conversation. I was, however, disappointed in the Stout. Not that it was a bad pour. I was hoping for a graham cracker flavors as opposed to nutty. I think Graham cracker flavor would pair especially nicely instead of nut flavors in a stout. I was envisioning more like an oatmeal stout but with graham flavors. I was also hoping for a more creamy “Marshmallow” experience, maybe like a milk stout? Maybe some toasty notes? I got none of that. I was sorely vexed. It was a kinda unimaginative stout. Fine… but when I get super excited by a name that doesn’t deliver I am always left a little curmudgeonly. Don’t get me wrong. It was a fine beer. It just did not deliver on it’s spectacular name. Don’t name your beers things that conjure magic in my brain and don’t’ deliver.

Parking is limited. There is a small lot to the right of the building, but it is very small. There is some metered street parking, but that is also limited. We lucked out by seeing someone RIGHT IN FRONT of the door pulling out of parallel parking and we pulled in.

Overall I like the vibe of the place. It is a large room, seems hopping. The beer is fine. The pizza is fine. I don’t know if I will go back. It was too crowded for me. I like to sit and relax, but the noise level was also very high. The beer was good, but I’m still a little let down by the S’mores. I just… well… wanted S’more than it offered.

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