Redding Beer Co

Address: 7 main street, Redding, Ct 06896


  • Wednesday 5p – 10p
  • Thursday 5p – 10p
  • Friday 5p – 10p (Happy Friday $2 off Pints and Flights)
  • Saturday 2p – 10p
  • Sunday 12noon – 6p

I went with a friend on a Sat at about 2:30pm. There are long tables in the main room. Some standing area, the bar, and a secondary room with seating and tables. Very comfortable, very cozy. There were some people there, but it wasn’t crowded.


They only offer pre-packaged snacks. You are welcome to bring your own food. They have a stack of menus for places that deliver. They have a stash of plastic utensils and plenty of paper towels that they liberally dole out. They are great about it. It does feel cozy like a friend’s living room.

We ordered take out on our drive there from Wire Mill BBQ that is literally a stone’s throw from the brewery. It was EXCELLENT. I highly recommend doing the same. The beef brisket was really quite good. There is nothing I love more than consuming copious amounts of BBQ and drinking beer. One of my favorite breweries in RI is Revival Brewery located in the same building as a smokehouse.


Like I said, it is cozy, like you are in your friend’s basement hangout room who is super into beer and has a bar set up there. They had a big screen TV and were showing an Indiana Jones Marathon while I was there. The bartenders were laid back, professional, friendly, and pleasant. I presented my hand made brewery passport. (because as I mentioned previously the CT Brewery guild hasn’t gotten their act together to release the 2019 passport and I don’t have time to waste a-waiting) Hilariously, when I went back up to the bar for something the bartender was telling another bartender “yeah a woman came and made her own passport and had a bunch of stamps on it” I jokingly interrupted him and said “you mean me?” he was startled and without missing a step continued his conversation with the other bartender saying “ A wonderful and creative woman ingeniously made her own brewery passport.” we all laughed. It felt like the line from the song Gonzo sings in the Muppet Movie. “There’s not a word yet, for old friends who’ve just met.” You felt you were walking into your friend’s house.


Excellent. The staff was well informed and able to immediately answer any questions asked of them. My friend and I were going to more than 1 brewery that day and we didn’t want to get sloshed, so we were sharing flights. We wanted to try all the not-IPA and the bartender offered to make us a flight of 6 instead of 2 flights of 4. Very accomodating, very attentive.


Good! The flights are “pick 4” Neither I, nor my friend like IPAs Of their offerings that weren’t IPA

American Wheat Ale

Belgian Triple

Irish Red Ale

Czech Amber Lager

Olde Ale

Coffee Stout

The Wheat Ale is by far I believe their best beer. It was delicious. Highly recommend.

I don’t have strong feelings about the Irish, Czech, or Belgian except they were quality beers that weren’t overly remarkable except that they made what the intended to make. Sometimes a classic doesn’t have to be remarkable to be good. It is a classic for a reason.

The Olde Ale was interesting… different… definitely different. I’ve had “so called” olde Ale’s before. This wasn’t the best that I’ve had, but it was fine.

Did not like the coffee stout. It had an overwhelmingly bitter coffee grounds flavor that was not at all appealing. We did not finish the glass.


They have a small parking lot and some parallel parking in front of the building.

The area is nice, small town vibe going on.


I feel that The Redding Beer Company is really a must stop on the CT Brewers Trail. It has good classic beers in a variety of styles. Avoid the Coffee Stout, but do not skip the wheat beer. The people who work there are friendly and engaging. The general atmosphere is cozy and inviting. It is a fun place to hang out. I’ve been to a lot of breweries. Some are the quirky niche places, some are hipster industrial spaces with board games. Some are commercial endeavors. This is a little gem that sits in the cozy, comfortable, friend’s house spot. It really is worth the trip to Redding!

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