Fox Farm Brewery

Address 62 Music Vale Rd, Salem, CT


Hours Thurs-Fri 2-7 Sat/Sun 11-5pm

I went on a Friday around 5pm in early February. The weather was brisk, but nice and we still had daylight when we arrived.

Food is not available. Their website states that you can bring light snacks for consumption on premises, but due to limited seating they would rather you didn’t bring a large sit down meal. There were not food trucks.

Atmosphere/vibe: Is “farm hipster” a thing? There was a cross between clean industrialism and woodsy. There was a 2nd floor balcony catwalk open to to the downstairs. There were some tables up there. There was a counter that runs around the edge of the wall with backless stools to sit on. It was busy, but not uncomfortably crowded.

They had open viewable access to the brewing area.

Service: They had a separate line for growler fills and several registers open for buying beer to drink on site. The bartenders were friendly and informed.

The Cabin: Didn’t think I’d like it, but the smoke comes through nicely.  It has a tang.

Amble: I didn’t like it. It was a very hoppy IPA, but don’t take umbrage at it because I said this. I don’t like IPA, so I’m a an unreliable narrator.

Gather (Pilsner) Crisp, clean, solid Pilsner, classic

Hearthbound Porter: I liked this one a lot. It was creamy, nutty, and toasty. It has a full body and was very smooth. It is a really nice beer.

Parking: There is plenty of parking. It is a large parking lot.

Area and safety: The area is off in the woods. You can’t walk there.

Why you should go: It is a clean, organized place. The Porter I had was really good. They have small pores, which I like. Their outside area looks nice (but it was too cold to use in when I went in February)

What could be improved: Having a food truck outside would be nice. They have mostly ales. It would be nice to have more of a variety then primarily ales.


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