Mama Bear Growls

Or rather… not yet?

Anyone even remotely aware of the craft brewery scene is aware of a few basic facts.

  1. Breweries seem to really rely on the sticker as a marketing strategy. I have also seen very few people actively use them…
  2. People who frequent craft breweries seem to like growlers.
  3. Growlers are glass jugs of various sizes and bedecked with various designs and logos that can be filled (but not consumed) at the breweries. They are taken home and consumed rather quickly to preserve quality

So… I have yet to get into the growler thing. I’m not opposed… but I just haven’t done it. They are an awkward size to fit in my fridge. I don’t consume large amounts of beer by myself at home. Occasionally I will like opening a beer in the evening, but that is a lot of commitment to beer drinking in a short span. Being the only beer drinker in the house (My toddler is firmly in the apple juice camp and my husband doesn’t drink) it is a large commitment. I’m tempted, sure… but I’m afraid I won’t drink it fast enough and it will go stale. Yet I occasionally taste a delicious beer and I say to myself, “Self, speak to yon barkeep and request to take their wares to your domicile!” to which I am informed they don’t bottle or can and they only fill growlers. Yes yes it makes sense. There is a lot of overhead cost and potential loss in the canning and bottling business. I’ve not ruled out the growler club, but I just don’t know if it is for me.

As an addendum, I know someone who has some growlers and wants me to take it to get it filled on one of my trips. I think we will see how that works.


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