A Steam Room in Hartford

This blog has been all about the Year Of Beer, but my general life philosophy is that life is full of adventures and one of the best things in life you can collect is experiences. Experiences are what make us interesting human beings and give us a way to understand the world around us. Not everyone needs to have the same experiences, but go out and have as many adventures as you can! This past weekend I had a great experience at Real Art Ways. They have a pop up combination art installation, maple syrup boiling and community steam room. They created a pop up steam room in the parking lot of the Real Art Ways parking lot. The steam is pumped into the room through a series of pipes connected to the maple syrup production equipment. Now the first thing that everyone seems to ask is, “So does it smell like maple syrup?”, “Is it pumping maple steam into the room?”, “Will I get sticky?”. The answer is no.  The maple syrup is in container in the maple shack. Those containers are in water. The water is boiled to keep the maple sap boiling so it will turn into maple syrup. That water creates a large quantity of steam. The steam is pumped into the steam room.

I really like the idea of a community steam room where people can come, sit, visit with others, and enjoy the health benefits of the steam room.

Steam baths date back to the Roman times. They were a place where people from all socioeconomic strata of society could come and mingle. There are many cultures who use steam baths. Some famous ones include Russian baths, Turkish, baths, and Japanese Sento baths. Saunas, a cousin to the steam bath are popular in even more of a variety of countries.

Steam rooms help with circulation, help to detox the body, and open airways. For me, especially in the winter, I am constantly congested with terrible sinus pressure. I spent an hour in the steam room and I could breathe again. My body felt lighter. I had more energy and generally just felt amazing. It was a great experience. There were people of all ages and backgrounds there enjoying the room.

They charge $10 per half hour and offer clean towels and disposable flip flops for your use. There is a small changing room before you enter the steam room, but you could also change in Real Art Ways and come out in a bathrobe you bring from home. They suggest bringing your bathing suit, but some people just wore shorts and a t-shirt or something similar. Be sure to bring clean clothes to change into after as what you wear in the steam room will be soaking wet.

I went on March 16th 2019. They will be there for a few more weeks, then it will move to Keeny Park in Hartford. Signing up for time slots ahead of time is advised for busy times. They had “tree juice” which you could taste. It was great. I say it was like coconut water, but with a hint of maple flavor and sweetness.



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