Brewery Legitimus

283 Main St b3, New Hartford, CT 06057

Hours Wed/Thur 4-9 Fri 3-10pm Sat 12-10 Sun 12-7

I went with a friend on a Wednesday night in late February. It had started to snow, but it wasn’t particular bad, just a light snow. They don’t offer food, but there are local restaurants nearby and they have a stack of menus to order from. We ordered from a place that is almost across the

Atmosphere/vibe: It is a large tap room with many long tables, a bar area, and a couch seating area. There is a also a narrow shelf along the back wall with more area to either stand or sit. There are a few high chairs for this back shelf. They have a pay it forward cork board where people can pay for a beer and leave it for a specific person, or a person in specific circumstances. Some were left for any EMT, another was left for a government worker affected by the shut down, another was for anyone who was the parent of a newborn. I’ve seen this at a few breweries in Ct thus far. I love how this can tie the community together. I liked that they had one. I don’t particularly know how to say the vibe was. In the brewery genre, it lent itself to dark colors, in a high ceilinged room. It was definitely “gathering place” vs brewpub, or hangout. They had games on a shelf. The room was suited to large groups, small groups, couples, or single drinkers wanting to hang out and meet people. The gender ratio was definitely mixed. I’ve been to some breweries where it is definitely a “boy’s hangout”. This was a very mixed crowd both gender and age wise, but I think the median age range was 20s and 30s.

That guy in the hipster flannel shirt behind the bar was Matt, the bartender for the night. Very friendly fellow! We liked him.

Service was great. Matt was the bartender on that night. He was pleasant and friendly. We liked him a lot.  My friend and I both got flights. The flight boards you have a marker and write on the board the type of beers you want in your flight. I took the opportunity to also doodle on mine… cause…

The wall of mugs… and that is the back of Matt’s shirt. Matt was the bartender for the night.

Church Pool (Kolsch): This beer was fine. It had a very slight bitter  taste. It was good but not great. I tend to have a high bar when anyone slaps on “German style” to a beer. I have been to Germany. I have had wonderful German beer. I would say this is not a German style kolsch. It is definitely an American style Kolsch, which is fine. I have had some kolsch beers from craft breweries that I came away from saying ah yes! This was good, but just not AS good.

Counter Surfer: Nutty. I like nutty in my beer. It was good. I felt like there was a slight coffee flavor in it, but I really liked the nutty flavors that came out. It advertised caramel and chocolate. I didn’t get those flavors, but I did enjoy the beer. I did like the very malt forward flavors.

Coffee Surfer: coffee as advertised. Creamy texture is nice, a strong coffee front flavor. Not a big fan. The coffee is too strong for me. However, I do really like the smooth texture while drinking.

Where’s Winter: Slight coffee notes. It isn’t thrilling, but also not bad. It is definitely a dryer stout than the Chelson. It was the only beer that had a frothy head out of my flight. However, I kinda wanted a bit more froth. I do like a frothy head on a good stout. If you like stouts it is worth a try.

Linger (Blond ale): Smells of strawberries, don’t get the advertised cranberries. It is sweet… a bit too sweet. When cranberries were advertised I was hoping for tart. I liked the reference to The Cranberries. Do you have to? Do you have to, but if you have to let it linger… give me more cranberry flavor. I wanted tartness. I kinda think they should have called this one strawberry fields forever… and made a cranberry sour called Linger.

Chelson (American Stout): Tang bitter aftertaste. It was aged in bourbon barrels. I’m not a fan of whiskey, so I generally feel that doing that to a beer ruins a good beer. I think I might have liked this one had it not done a stint in bourbon barrels. It had a nice color. I had someone tell me it would be like Guiness. I think it is only like Guiness if you know nothing about Guinness or stouts and compared the two because they are both stouts. This is an American stout. Guinness is a dry Irish stout. They are not, in fact, the same.  That’s like saying Belgian hot chocolate and Mexican hot chocolate are the same.

Felix (Saison): It has a strong clove cinnamon flavor. Not their fault but I’m  not a fan of the flavor of cloves. However, forgetting my dislike of cloves, it is a nice rustic saison. It is a light beer with a dry finish. If you like spice style saisons then this should be on your “try” list, especially if you like cloves. For a winter light beer I can see how the flavor profile could be very nice.

Dad Beer with mango (IPA): Surprisingly good. It’s not too hoppy. It has more fruit flavors come through. I didn’t have this one in my flight. My friend got it. I’m glad I tried it, however. I was pleasantly surprised. I do not like hops, but this had a low bitter hops flavor and it really delivered on the fruit. I was surprised because I also don’t particularly like mango either, so I thought this would be a lose lose for me, but I was very much surprised at how well the flavors worked together, especially for a person who liked neither of the flavors as a general rule. I’d say at least give this one a taste even if you, like me, are not particularly impressed by IPA or mango.

Bathrooms: So there are 2 single stall non-gendered bathrooms. One was clean and stocked. The other was messy and dirty.

Parking: There is multitudinous parking in a mostly lighted lot.

Area and safety: It is off of a main road without sidewalks. Do not walk here. The parking lot seems to be lit enough and the area seems very rural. I would NOT walk here. The main road, especially at night, would be dangerous to walk on.

Overall: There have a great room. While it wasn’t super busy, it certainly wasn’t dead which says a lot for a Wednesday night… while it is snowing. They do seem to have a following.

Why you should go: They have a fun board where you can buy a beer for someone specific or a generic occupation or situation. That’s super fun. The room is nice with a great space for multiple kinds of brewery attendance. The staff was fun and engaging. I even didn’t hate their Dad beer with Mango. I don’t like IPA and I don’t like mango, but the combo and the low hoppiness of the beer worked. What could be improved: They seem hung up on adding coffee to most of their “not IPA” offerings. Not a fan of throwing coffee in everything. If you want to drink that much coffee go to a coffee shop. They have a lot of IPA which is not for me, but if you like IPA you should check out what they offer.

So the below picture has nothing to o with the brewery. It is from the restaurant that is kinda across the street. This is… no joke, cross stitch. Somebody’s grandma toiled away tedious hours to create this. I feel they need some kind of acknowledgement… even if it is completely ridiculous. We got some takeout and ate at the brewery. BTW I don’t remember the name of the restaurant, but they didn’t give us napkins or ketchup… I’m still a little sour about that.


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