Kinsman Brewing Company

409 Canal St, Milldale, CT 06467 Hours: Mon/Wed/Thurs 3-11 Fri/Sat 12-12 Sun 12-1

I went on a Wednesday  around 5pm with a family member. It wasn’t overflowing, but it was very busy for a Wednesday early evening. Many who were there came for supper and the added benefit of good beer just enhanced the experience.

By the by, that last bit is a perfect transition into the “do the offer food” bit that I like to include in the blog reviews. YES They have a decent sized menu which is available on their website. In fact, you can order online, then show up and your food will be ready while you order your beer. They have pizza, salads, and sandwiches in addition to snacky things like big pretzels. They also have gluten free options. Their kitchen had only recently opened, so I’m sure that their menu will evolve as they discover what best suits the beer loving people of Milldale. They also offer cocktails and other drinks besides beer for the non-beer drinkings in your life what you want to drag to breweries.

Atmosphere/vibe: They want a sort of Scottish/Irish vibe, and while their logo emphasizes that, it come off as sort of a combination between polished refined barn and old industrial repurposed mill, and heah… it IS in an old industrial repurposed mill. The sign at the road is easy to see, but once you are in the parking lot you have to do a quick double look to where the actual entrance is. Not too difficult though. There is a small room before the spacious main taproom. This small room has a pool table and chairs and hang out games sort of area. That is also where the bathrooms are. The main taproom has a very long bar, then a variety of long tables and high round tables. I like the big round hanging lights. They are indicative of stone castle eating hall chandeliers. Something very Game of Thrones style. They also have a fireplace which could be really fun in the cold winter months! There is a lot of seating and table space. However, that being said. It was decently busy on a Wednesday night. It might be jam packed on a Friday or Saturday night. It is a kind of not full light environment, but not too dark. High ceilings make the room look even bigger. I liked how long the bar was. It gives a lot of options for people to have a seat at the bar, or at tables. I liked the atmosphere. They have a chalkboard in their hallway on the way to the taproom that shows upcoming events and beers that are currently being brewed and will be coming soon.

Service:Jeff was our bartender and was great. As is clearly known by now if you rea this blog at all, I am not a fan of IPA, but I’m always willing to let someone try and change my mind. Jeff let us try a few IPAs. My mind isn’t changed, but I did like trying a few of them and get an idea about the style of IPA they brew.

Beer: Flight are 4 tulip style tasting glasses in a wooden board.

Thicc Berry Krunch Fruit Punch (IPA Milkshake):  This IPA has more of a grapefruit rind bitter flavor. I didn’t get much fruit punch, just the grapefruit. What I can say is that if I do have to drink an IPA I prefer the grapefruit rind flavors more than the other citrus rind flavors. I’m glad I tried it, but it wasn’t for me. It was unique. If you like IPA, I would suggest at least trying it.

Milldale Light (Lager): Obviously there is a play on Miller Light with the juxtaposition of the town of Milldale thrown into the name. Personally I don’t think they should do it as Miller Light isn’t particularly good beer. Milldale Light is a decent beer. It is crisp. It tastes light. It is drinkable. A very inoffensive beer that would appeal to a wide audience. Not thrilling, but very acceptable. I tend to like more malty lagers, but it was fine.

Iroc (New England IPA):  It has a strong bitter front and after. I found it unpleasant. If you like very hopped up, very bitter beer you would probably like it. If you do not like very bitter very hopped up beer then, well, you are like me and probably won’t like it.

21.3 (IPA): It has a very bitter taste with only a slight citrus flavor. The Bitter stays in  your mouth after drinking. I was not a fan.

Great White Bat (Wheat Beer): The flavors are good. It is a great German style wheat beer. It is a little more carbonated than I personally like. Overall a solid beer. I tend to like wheat beers. I think I would have liked it just

PB W (Peanut butter spelt milk stout): Smooth, really awesome texture. Very Peanutbuttery. Delicious. Some slight chocolate notes. Did I mention delicious? It has lovely malts. It is a drinkable beer candy, but watch out. It is not a session beer. Don’t drink too much beer candy with this ABV or your will get sloshed.

Bathrooms: The bathrooms were clean, well stocked, and pretty.

Parking: There is a large parking lot, but potentially not big enough if the entire place is packed to the gills. There are signs nearby saying certain places NOT to park or you will get towed. So, I suppose that when it is really busy there might not be enough parking.

Area and safety: The area seems safe. I wasn’t able to really see if it is somewhere you can walk to. The parking lot was not particularly well lit, but I didn’t feel unsafe in the area.

Overall: I really liked the brewery. The bartenders were friendly. The taproom was comfortable and inviting. The beer was good. So, I have talked about growlers. I had a growler a friend had given me and I decided to fill it with the Peanutbuttery goodness. I just don’t think growlers are for me. There can be too much of a good thing. I don’t drink enough at home to make it worth it. The first time opening the growler at home the beer was just as good as at the brewery. The second beer was ok… the 3rd beer was meh and then after than the beer just wasn’t fresh or that good. I just can’t drink that much fast enough. I think the only way I would do growlers is if I were having a party where all the beer would get consumed the day I open the growler.

Why you should go: They have an interesting variety of beer. I really liked the PBW. They bathrooms were clean. They offer food which is nice if you want to go and eat as well. They tend to offer a lot of IPA, so if you like IPA they have a variety to sample.

What could be improved: They offer a lot of IPA. I wish they had more selection of other beers. They didn’t have a sour on tap when I went, I wish they had a sour on regular tap.


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