Witchdoctor Brewing Company

168 Center St, Southington, CT 06489

Hours Wed/Thur 4-10 Fri 4-11 Sat 1-11 Sun 12-6

I went to the Witchdoctor Brewing Company on a Wednesday night in March, during the latter half of the Geek trivia night. It was busy. There were a decent number of people there for trivia night, but also several groups who weren’t participating.

Chips and snacky stuff are offered for sale. The chips were homemade style and were ok. They have a menu with hard booze for mixed drinks, but I couldn’t tell if it was leftover from an event or a permanent thing. They have some fliers for delivery food if you want something more substantial.

They had a Geek Trivia night going on. It was a fun atmosphere. They had a section in the back of the building with games to play like cornhole and such of its ilk.

Service: Our bartender’s name was Mike. He was a good barkeep.

Beer: I really liked the varied selection that they had for styles of beers.

Gose cross the border (Raspberry Gose): This beer is tart. I liked it a lot. They had the half growlers, or as some call them, squealers. I decided to buy one of their 32 oz bottles and took this Gose home with me. It was a nice, light drinkable beer. I was a fan. This will appeal to people who like fruity in their beer. If you aren’t into fruity beers it might not be your jam.

Paupers Porridge (Oatmeal Amber): I liked this beer a lot. It was very nutty and ever so slightly bitter. It was a clever beer and I was a fan! It wasn’t as heavy a beer as I was expecting from an oatmeal beer.

Antidote Kolsch: It is a perfectly acceptable Kolsch. Not my favorite Kolsch from local breweries, but just fine.

Nutter your business (Peanut Butter ale): It was fine, a little bitter. The Peanut butter isn’t a strong flavor, so it just seems like odd flavors in your mouth. It wasn’t terrible, but was also not really my thing.

Brown Eyed Bear (American Brown Ale): This is a nice beer, but a bit uninspiring and forgettable. It was just ok.

Vanilla Pexto Porter: It had a smooth Vanilla aftertaste. I liked it. I like the texture of the mouth feel on this one. It was smooth. I’m a fan.

Bathrooms There were two genders single stall bathrooms. They had a nice air freshener. It was a stocked bathroom and was decently clean, but untidy. They had obviously given up on keeping it tidy until after closing.

Parking: There is a very small parking lot. Finding parking on a busy night would be a bit obnoxious.

Area and safety: It is a small town and if you live in the area from the glance I got I think it would be somewhere you could walk to.

Overall: I really liked Witchdoctor. I found the environment inviting, the people friendly, and the beer delicious. I was really interested in the variety of beer styles. I bought one of their 32 oz containers filled with their beer to take home.

Why you should go: They have a great selection of beers. There is a great environment. If you are doing the Ct Beer trail they are very close to Kinsmen brewery so doing two stops at once is very easy.

What could be improved: More of a variety of snacks would be nice. Also more parking.


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