Brewery Bemusing

Loyal to your brewery or a brewery bouncer?

So, as I have said before, I did the Rhode Island Brewery Trail last year in 2018. I loved going to the different places and experiencing the different vibes, atmospheres, and brews! I’ve already hit 10 locations by Feb 2019 for the Connecticut Brewery Trail this year. I’ve noticed that people going to breweries tend to fall into two categories with a tiny 3rd category.

That tiny 3rd category is made of people who aren’t “into” the brewery scene, but checked out a brewery as “something to do” one night, like trying a new restaurant or hanging out with friends at the friend’s choice of place. They might like the experience, but it was a thing… they did it… not their thing. Or They go with someone, but they don’t drink, or don’t drink beer, etc. However, the bulk of brewery-goers seem to fall into two categories.

The first seem to be the loyalists. They have their local brewery and they like going there. They have the growler, the t-shirt, the key chain. The people there greet them by name. They might visit others occasionally, but their brewery is like their local bar, corner bodega, or go to pizza delivery. It’s the place they go because it is familiar and comfortable. They are the loyalists. They like the brand, the beer, and it becomes a source of pride that they are loyal to this particular brewery. It is almost a craft brewery experience to be a loyalist, an identity even.

The second category is what I fall into. I’m a brewery bouncer. I like going to something new and want to go to as many as possible which means establishing a loyalty will take away from my completionism.

But… I think as I travel around the state I have started to feel I might also be missing something. I’m getting a sampling of places, but different beers come out at different times of year. As the summer progresses there will be more IPA and less stouts which will cloud my feelings on some breweries. I’m trying to front load as many as possible in the winter months, and maybe do the same towards the fall of 2019. I think that I might, in 2020, take all of my favorite breweries in ct and do a more focus revisit in 2020 at different times of year. Perchance even switch over from a Brewery Bouncer to a Brewery loyalist. We shall see… we shall see. I have come across at least 3 breweries, and one of them really close to where I live that I could see myself  at least getting into “facebook it’s complicated” with.

Me thinks the lady doth protest too much…

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